Importance of using colours in a website

Main importance of using colours in a website

A number of factors decide the attractiveness of your website. This could be the images, videos, the content – the font style, size and colour. This says a lot indeed – it is not just the font colour that can create a great impact, but also the colour used across the website can create a huge difference.

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Difference between User Experience and Customer Experience

Main differences between User Experience and Customer Experience

Though the two terms are similar, user experience and customer experience are not the same. User experience is not the same as customer experience. Customer experience is the larger context, with User Experience being a part of it. Customer experience signifies each step of the buyer’s journey: from the time they start comparing prices, to the actual trying of the product, right up to the time they contact customer services if their needs are not met.

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Effective Web Design Principles

Once your people arrive at your website, what do you think locks them on to it? Simple – your website’s design. The look and feel of your website, which is also part of the user experience and user interface aspects, considered the most important factor in a website design, drives customers and prospects to your website.

The first and foremost thing that you should be working upon when starting to strategize website development is its design. This is what will drive and bring about customer conversions. Moreover, design’s role in marketing is invariably large. So, if you create good designs, this will contribute to marketing, which will drive sales and ultimately bringing in positive results.

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Latest Web Design Trends in 2018

Web design is not a static process, but dynamic in nature – it is ever evolving and will continue to over time. Every year, we witness a number of changes that evolve, while there are also those trends that seem to vanish after a particular period of time. The end users accept some of the designs, while some do not go well with the receivers or end users, for whom the website is being designed. Of course, the end users are the most important aspect of your user interface design and they will be utilising it for their needs. So, the design process needs to be strategized with this in mind.

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